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    The 3rd through 8th graders have access to google drive. They will be able to share their files and work cooperatively with their teachers as well as other students. Students can now access their files from any computer that is connected to the internet.

    We will also be using newly acquired Chrome Books.

    The following is a basic outline for what we hope to accomplish this year in Computer Class. The Archdiocese has posted a curriculum map for Technology on their website and each school will be working towards the goals set forth in that curriculum. If you wish to view the curriculum, go to

    Kindergarten Students will:

    • Use the basic tools for drawing.
    • Learn where the letters are on the keyboard and practice using both hands on the keyboard.
    • Type their names and change the font color. Type simple words.

    First Graders will:

    • Use advanced drawing tools and draw 3-D pictures.
    • Type sentences and use the bold, underline, and italics commands.
    • Use copy and paste tools.

    Second Graders will:

    • Type sentences and paragraphs.
    • Use Bold, Underline, and Italics. Change font color.
    • Create stories using text and pictures.

    Third Graders will:

    • Create basic presentations.

    Fourth Graders will:

    • Learn the Windows filing system. Create folders, rename and edit documents and save to their Google Drive or One Drive.
    • Learn to use the internet for research. Understand the basics of web pages and search engines.
    • Use Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Create presentations.
    • Learn to type in home position.

    Fifth Graders will:

    • Create and format tables and pictures in documents.
    • Review the Internet, World Wide Web and Websites.
    • Use various Search Engines and learn to refine searches.
    • Create simple spreadsheets.

    Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Graders will:

    • Learn to use the Internet Ethically and responsibly.
    • Learn how to Cite a Source and how to determine whether information found on the Web can be trusted.
    • Learn to use Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Presentation software to achieve a goal.

      In the course of achieving these basic goals, other skills and topics will be covered that appropriately reflect the interests, previous experience and knowledge of the students in each class.

    Mrs. Teresa Evans