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Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
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    Inner-City Scholarship Fund

    Fifth Grade

    Teacher: Mrs. Natalie Rivieccio

    In This Classroom

    We believe that learning is a lifelong adventure .

    We believe in facing each day with minds open to knowledge and hearts open to love .

    We believe in the freedom to wonder , to ask , to explore , to imagine , and to create .

    We believe that success means doing our best, being our best, and being proud of our efforts .

    We believe that every one of us has special talents, and that the talents of each of us, help all of us .

    We believe in ourselves and each other.



    Special Notes from the Teacher 

    I can't believe we are coming down to our final days of the school year. It's been a fun and eventful year that has brought smiles to many faces, but I am sure everyone is looking forward to their summer vacation. I know I am!

    Enjoy the kick off of summer this weekend with a safe, fun-filled, and nice-weathered (hopefully) Memorial Day weekend. Just is not over yet!


    Important Dates to Remember

    1. June 15, 2018: Last Day of School (dismissal is at 10:30 A.M..)

    2. June 13, 2018: Moving Up Ceremony 

    3. June 7, 2018: Field Trip to Blimpie and Ice Cream Charlie's


    Upcoming Tests/Quizzes

    1. June 7, 2018: Language Arts Final Exam

    2. June 6, 2018: Math Final Exam

    3. June 5, 2018: Reading Final Exam

    4. May 29, 2018: (a.) Language Arts Quiz (b.) Reading Unit 3 Test

    5. May 25, 2018: Reading and Spelling Tests

    6. May 23, 2018: Religion Chapter 18 Test

    7. May 22, 2018: Orphan of Ellis Island Test

    **Dates are subject to change**