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    Inner-City Scholarship Fund

    First Grade

    Teacher. Mrs. Laura Sharkey

    Dear Parents,

         Happy New Year!  Hoping you all had a Blessed Christmas and an enjoyable and restful recess break. 

         We are just about at the half way mark and into our second trimester.  We are working hard as we continue our journey toward Second Grade.

         Catholic Schools Week is upon us..  Lots of exciting activities are planned...the student's week to shine!  Looking forward to the Spelling Bee. Let's all cheer on First Grade contestants.

         Here's what else is in store:

           Language Arts:  We've begun focus on long vowels in  Spelling and Phonics and will learn a variety of vowel combinations to make the long vowel sound.  In Grammar, we continue  naming parts of a sentence, such as nouns and verbs, and will move on to subjects and predicates.

         Math:  The children have learned many strategies for solving math problems to find which works for them to encourage critical thinking skills.  We just completed telling time to the hour and half hour and having fun stretching it a bit to real time!!

         Social Studies:  We are discussing what makes a good citizen, meeting important people who are part of our USA history and their contributions, and discovering the landmarks and symbols of our wonderful country.

        Religion:  We continue to discuss God creating the world and people, who were given special gifts, and how we an take care of those gifts...

        Science:  This trimester we will focus on Earth Science and explore our planet, weather, as well as things we find in our sky.  Together with Kindergarten and 2nd grade, we will venture into STEM projects in teams.

                                                                                                Mrs. Sharkey


    Specials schedule for the 2018/2019 school year:

         Monday - Spanish

         Tuesday - Art and Library

         Wednesday - Music and Computer

         Thursday - Gym

         Friday - Spanish




                                                      Homework Policy

         Homework is given Monday-Thursday, and sometimes on Friday.  On Monday, I will send home the weekly assignments in the Green folder.  All work is due the next day unless otherwise stated.  Whenever a child misses three (3) assignments, he/she will be exected to attend detention.  Projects and Book Reports will be assigned throughout the year.  The children are given sufficient time to complete them.  Any turned in late will result in 5 points deducted per day.