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    Inner-City Scholarship Fund

    First Grade



    Teacher. Mrs. Laura Sharkey                                                Week 3                        

            Easter Recess begins on April 6 through April 19

           Please check your email for updates on Google Classroon. This week is coming to an end.  Enjoy this well deserved time off and truly enjoy family time.  God Bless You! 

                                                Friday, April 3

    Social Studies:   complete test, please send 

    Continue to work on review sheets. 


                                             Thursday, April 2

    Math :  complete test on pg 343, 344

    Religion:   review chapter ideas, pg 204, 206

    Social Studies:   review unit 4 skills pg 212-214 for test tomorrow (or if ready today..)



       Wednesday, April 1

    Math:   take the "2" fact test, review chapter 10 for test tomorrow

    Religion :  read pgs 202-203 

    Social Studies :  read pgs 210-211 and see types of jobs in Brazil and where some goods are produced.

    Language Arts skills:   work on any review sheets that are in the packet.  In the new packet you will be picking up I have all of the skills from this unit.  There are lists of the spelling and high frequency words that they can practice any time. 



                                           Tuesday, March 31

    Religion:   read pgs 200-201

    Social Studies:   read pgs 206-209 about how ordinary people and historical figures, who are inventive, changed the way people live and work.  WB pg 42

    M ath:  pg 339, 340. 

    Reading:   begin Unit 4 booklet. Follow sections in directions.  Booklet does not have to be completed all at once. Children may take a break between each section.  



                                          Monday, March 30 

    Religion: read pgs 198, 199 how we receive God's life in Baptism (disregard test scheduled for Wednesday on HW sheet)

    Math: pg 335, 336 fact families

                                                                Social Studies :  read pgs 200-203 - how technology affects how people                                                               work.   Then pgs 204,205 - putting things in order.  WB pg 40, 41

                                                                Language Arts subjects are just a review this week. Any extra sheets in packets 2 and 3 are samples of Unit 4 lessons. Children may work on some each day.  The Unit 4 booklet may begin Tuesday.  This does not have to be completed all at once.  I will post tomorrow.




    Dear Parents,

          Thank you for coming last week to pick up the new packets. It was wonderful to see you all.  I miss being with the children and pray we will be in the classroom together soon. 
           In the event of a longer closure, I am working on other means of learning and will keep you posted.  Continue to stay safe and healthy!

           Remember, I am available through email during school hours.

                                      Friday March 27

      Correction for Social Studies - read pgs 196-199. I copied yesterday's pages from plan book in error, this is the next lesson. I apologize for the confusion. 

    Spelling:  practice words. Complete R&W pg 503

    Phonics:  take out decodable story Helping at a Zoo in R&W after pg 498. Practice words on top, then read story.

                                                                  Grammar:  R&W pg 502, name 3 friends. Write about them using adjectives         t                                                            to compare them . Daily fix it #7,8

                                                                 Reading: complete test

                                                                  Math:  pg 331,332 see pattern of related addition and subtraction facts

                                                                 (3  number family) 

                                                                   Social studies:  read p 192-195 biography showing character of being a                                        g                                                            good citizen. 
                                                                   Religion:  read pg 196,197 how we are welcome to Church at Baptism.


                                                                                           Thursday, March 26

    Spelling:  practice words, complete R&W pg 501

    Phonics:  open reading book to pg 192, 193.  Search for pictures that have the long u sound spelled oo.  (I think I found a tricky one, I'll let you know tomorrow and see if you think so.)  Complete R&W pg 493.

    Grammar:  continue with adjectives that compare.  Complete conventions DVD 215 sheet, daily fix it #5,6.

    Reading :  reread story pg 199-217 for comprehension. Discuss questions on pg 218.

    Religion:   pg 194, if needed, look for answers in chapter.

    Handwriting:  R&W pg 497,  write numbers 6-10 - writing 4 numbers on each line.

    Social Studies :  read pgs 192-195 about ways people exchange goods and services.  WB pg39

                                Wednesday, March 25

    Spelling:  read words - Review words, segment and blend to make words with suffixes ly and ful by say-spell-say. Complete R&W pg 494.  Do same with H.F. Words. Create oral sentences for each. Complete R&W pg 490.

    Phonics:  Reading book pg 196 - blend words with long u spelled with oo. Write and read following words: fool, pool, zoo, boost, spoon, stool, loop, room, boot in new NB. Don't forget to write the date. 

    Grammar:  adjectives that compare 2 or more nouns..R&W pg 495.  Grammar fix it #3 & 4

    Reading: review story selection words and definitions on HW list page. Use Vocabulary 24 sheet to read words in sentences (Valentine's Day Party). Go to title page in reading book pg 199 - name author and illustrator. Predict what story may be about and maybe author's purpose for writing. Read story 199-217

    Math:  complete "1" facts test.  Only write answer on line. Good luck! Let's get started toward our Scoops of Success party!, Math book pg 329-330 relate doubles facts to subtraction facts (fact families)

    Social studies:  read pg 190, use picture graph to organize and sort information (data)  WB pg 38


                                 Tuesday, March 24

    Spelling and Phonics:  words are introducing a new concept of suffixes ly and ful. Suffixes are endings that are added to base words. For pretest, to understand concept, draw a line to segment base word and suffix.  Say each part, then blend together. Write each word 2 times, spelling as writing.  Discuss adding ly means "in a way", ful means "full of". Open reading book to pg 194. See picture of boys speaking loudly (in a loud way) and a boy who is cheerful ( full of cheer). Identify base word and suffix for each. Turn back to pg 192,193 and try to find items or actions that end with ly  like doing something quickly; and ful  like being careful. Apply lessons learned in R&W pg 489.

    Grammar:  recall adjectives name a noun and some compare 2 persons, places, things, or animals (adding er) or more than 2 (adding est).  Grammar 24 sheet.  Daily fix it #1,2.

    Reading:  on homework Henry and Mudge sheet, review selection words and definitions.

    Math : take quiz on pg 327, 328

    Religion: complete activities on 192, 193 reviewing chapter ideas.

    Social Studies:  read lesson 3 pgs 186-189. Identify goods as something that is grown or made. Describe jobs that service others.


                                                Monday, March 23

                      Math:  review skills from pgs. 317-326 for quiz 

                                                                                    Religion:  read pgs.190-191 Sacraments

                                                                                    Reading:  packet 3 contains book reports and an outline sheet. Read any book, (they may still have their library book). Choose one of the reports. Complete by Friday.







    Dear Parents ,

        .I am preparing lessons for the week of  March 16-March 20.  Please check our class page daily for details.


                                  Friday, March 20

    Assessments for spelling, phonics, and grammar are in packet 2. For spelling, multiple choice test, dictate bonus high frequency words at bottom.  Also included is  spelling dictation sheet which is optional.

    Math:  pg 325, 326 use "draw a picture" strategy to solve problems.


                                                                                             Thursday, March 19

    Spelling:   practice words. R&W pg 485,487

    Phonics :  review kn, wr words, sheet dvd204 in packet

    Grammar :  R&W pg 488, convention sheet dvd207, daily fix it #7,8

    Reading comprehension sheet - read story, answer questions on back.                                                                Story assessment will be in packet 2 being picked up today or tomorrow.

                                                                 Math :  pg 323,324 - use "make a 10" strategy to find sums.

                                                                Religion :  read pg 188.189 about  sacraments

                                                                 Social Studies: read pg 184,185 brainstorm different kinds of jobs.



              Lessons for Wednesday, March 18

    Spelling :  Practice spelling words, say-spell-say. Complete R&W pg. 478

    Phonics :  Reading book-page 156,157. Search for objects that have the long u sound.

                                Grammar :  Continue with adjectives that name how many.  Complete R&W pg 486

    Reading:   Reread story pg 163-181, discuss questions on pg 182

    Hand writing : R&W pg 481 - write numbers 1-5, writing 5 numbers on each line

    Math :  The "0" facts test was to be given today.  I sent the facts double sided just to show what the test would look like.  At this time, the children can just review.  In Math book, complete pg 319,320.  If they are ambitious, they may do extra practice on pg 321.

    Social Studies : Read lesson 2 pg 180-183 and see variety of jobs people perform.


                         Day 2 Lessons for Tuesday, March 17. Happy St Patrick's Day

    Spelling :  read words, segment and blend to make compound words by say-spell-say. Use R&W pg 478 to name the two words that make up the compound words. Do same with High Frequency (H.F) words, create oral sentences for each, complete R&W pg474

    Phonics :  pg 160 in Reader-blend words with long u, spelled with digraphs ue, ew, ui.  Read the following words:  flew, grew, dew, clue, blue, glue, fruit, juice, cruise.

    Grammar :  Adjectives for how many...R&W pg 479, daily fix it sheet #3 and4.

    Reading:   Review story selection words and definitions from HW list page.  Use Vocabulary 23 sheet to read these words in sentences. (Hide and Seek) Read story "Peter's Chair" pgs 162-181,keeping in mind theme of Family treasures.

    Writing:   May be done any day this week. Think of someone you would like to thank for something they did for you or gave to you.  Add the name to greeting and end with the closing using words like Love or From followed by your name after the comma.

    Math:   pg 317,318  use doubles facts to add

    Religion :  pg 186-187 read about some special ways we celebrate God 's love

    Social Studies:  Lesson 1 pg 176-179  Read about difference between needs (what we need to live) and wants (what we would like to have)  WB pg 35. 

    Monday March 16

    Spe lling : Dictate compound words on Pretest.  Child will self check and compare any differences. Practice by "say-spell-say" each word.

    Phonics:   Reading book, pg 155,156.  Search for pictures of items that name compound words.  Continue on pg. 158. Segment each word, blend for form new words.

                                                               Grammar :  Recall that adjectives name a noun.  Some adjectives describe how many.  Identify pictures on Grammar sheet p23;   correct Grammar daily fix it sheet  # 1 and 2.  Write in complete sentences. 

    Reading :  Discuss question of the week - What treasures can we share at home? i.e. family memories, belongings, traditions, etc.. (Ref. reading book pg 154,155) and think about why they are special treasures.

    Math:   Complete math test in packet.

    Science :  Read lesson 3 copies and complete attached lesson outline.

    Religion :  read Ch 16, first 3 pages. 




    Our Specials schedule has been finalized.  Here is the schedule:

    Monday:  Spanish

                                             Tuesday:  Art and Library

                                             Wednesday:  Music and Computer

                                             Thursday:  Gym

                                             Friday:  Spanish


    If necessary, you will be receiving an email with instructions to log in to Google Classroom.