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    Inner-City Scholarship Fund

    Seventh Grade

    Teacher: Mrs. Irene Solleder

    Welcome to Middle School Literature and English    6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

       The months of September and October not only bring cooler weather and colorful leaves, but it also enhances our reading pleaseure.   Middle School students will begin the year with a review of literary genres and terms. Sixth grade will begin their first novel of the academic year in October.  The novel, HATCHET, by Gary Paulsen tells a story of survival in the wilderness for a 12-year-old boy.  Seventh grade will concentrate on a unit of Folk Tradition and will focus on the elements of a short story, before beginning a novel in November.  Eighth grade has started the best-selling novel by Mitch Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie,  and then be introduced to several of America's best short story writers. 

        Understanding vocabulary is an important factor for all three grades.  It increases a student's ability to comprehend all academic subjects, not just literature.  We alternate our study of vocabulary with grammar and writing.  All three grades are beginning units on deciphering words through the understanding of root words, prefixes and suffixes. Seventh grade will focus on persuasive essays and 6th grade on compare and contrast essays.  Eighth grade is reviewing and preparing for the COOP test in November. 

         Homework is assigned regularly and is checked the next day in class.  It is essential that all homework assignments are completed.  Missed or incomplete assignments will result in a homework notice and five points off the homework grade.  Reading assignments count as homework.

       Grades will be counted as follows: Homework 20%, Quizzes 20%, Projects 20%, and Tests 40%.  Students take midterm exams in January and finals in June. The exam grade counts for 20% of the overall subject average in the trimester it is administered.

       I am always willing to provide extra help when needed.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by e-mail at