The Academy at Saint Mary
Rutherford, New Jersey
Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
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    Arrival - Dismissal

    Morning Drop Off Procedure

    In compliance with Rutherford Police Department, Parents/Guardians must drive into the parking lot via Home Avenue and use the Home Avenue entrance to the building. This is the only entrance for drop off. Cars must remain in a single lane. Cars are NOT permitted to pass the line of cars nor are they permitted to park in the parking spaces in the main parking area.  Students must ONLY exit vehicles while the parent/guardian’s vehicle is situated within the designated area.  Our Safety Patrol will help escort students into the building. Parents/guardians who wish to walk their children to the building must park on the street.

    Students arriving before 8:00a.m.will be directed to the Before Care Program. No student will be allowed in the classroom prior to 8:00a.m.


    Dismissal Pick Up Procedure

    • PreK students are dismissed at 2:30pm each day from the Side Doors in the Parking Lot.
    • Kindergarten students are dismissed at 2:45pm from the Side Doors in the Parking Lot.
    • 1st-3rd grade students are dismissed at 3pm from the Side Doors in Parking Lot.
    • 4th-8th grade students are dismissed at 3pm from the Main Doors only.
    • Parents/Guardians may NOT park in the main parking lot for pick up at any time. 

    No one is permitted to drive into the parking lot for pick-up. Parents/guardians are solely responsible for their children after the students have been dismissed by the teacher.

    Loitering in the parking lot is not permitted and we discourage children playing in the parking lot.

    All students who are not picked-up by 3:05p.m. will be brought to the After Care Program.