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    Drama Club



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    Drama Club



    ​​ Welcome to The Academy at Saint Mary's Drama Club Page! This page is updated weekly and will provide information for the 2018 Spring Musical. 


    ​***Please scroll down for the Weekly Rehearsal Schedule!!!


    ​ The Academy Proudly Presents:


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    ​May 9th, 11th, & 12th, 2018


    St. Mary High School Auditorium



    Congratulations to the Cast & Crew!!!!!

    Cast List


    Dorothy: Raquel Izaguirre

    ​Aunt Em: Emma Moeller

    Uncle Henry: Shaktiraj Parmar

    Hickory: George Brewton

    Zeke: Sanjay Vijaikumar

    Hunk: Kamsie Nwoye

    ​Miss Gulch: Gianna Pena

    Professor Marvel: Michael Pugliese

    Rowboat Man #1: Gavin Harris

    ​Rowboat Man #2: Jackson Harris

    Toto: Special Guest

    Glinda: Agnes Szymanski

    Munchkin #1: Olivia Figueroa

    Munchkin #2: Ava Lawdanski

    Munchkin #3: Neysa Vineet

    ​Mayor: Nicholas Ford

    Barrister: Amy Santiago

    ​Coroner: Anthony DiDomenico

    ​Lullaby League: Sophia Bautista, Taylor Birmingham, Sofia Cadabal

    Lollipop Guild: Aiden Bedoya, Talan Mangasi, George Brewton

    Wicked Witch: Emily Koscielniak

    ​Woman: Tara Dowden

    ​Scarecrow: Nicholas Bogdanos

    Crows: Mia Ford, Sophia Bautista, Taylor Birmingham, Isabella Martinez

    ​Apple Tree #1: Allison Santo

    Apple Tree #2: Isabella Holland

    ​Apple Tree # 3: Isabella Seda

    Tin Man: Cristian Pena

    Lion: Nazario Ramos

    Jitterbugs: Emma Moeller, Carmelle Sullivan, Sophia Bautista, Jaleen Santiago,  Bridget Cronrath, Alicia Serrano, Sydney Harris, Meghan Fraser, Amy Santiago, Tara Dowden, Mia Ford, Isabella Holland, Neysa Vineet, Ava Lawdanski, Olivia Figueroa, Isabella Seda

    ​Doorman: Bridget Cronrath

    Oz Woman: Hannah Janiec

    Guard: Sanjay Vijaikumar

    Oz's Voice: Michael Pugliese

    Nikko (Leader of the Winged Monkeys): Gary Nichols

    Winged Monkeys: Maks Figueroa, Frankie Simpson

    Leader (Winkie Guards): Talan Mangasi

    ​Winkie Guards: Naeto Nwoye, Kamsie Nwoye, Brandon Fraser, Aiden Bedoya, Gavin Harris, Jackson Harris, Nicholas Ford

    ​Emerald City Chorus/Oz People: Allison Santo, Isabella Seda, Alicia Serrano, Shaktiraj Parmar, Emma Moeller,  Anthony DiDomenico, Michael Pugliese, Naeto Nwoye, Sofia Cadabal, Olivia Figueroa, Ava Lawdanski, Jaleen Santiago, Carmelle Sullivan, Hannah Janiec, Isabella Holland, Bridget Cronrath, Tara Dowden

    Girls Chorus: Hannah Janiec, Emma Moeller, Tara Dowden, Carmelle Sullivan, Isabella Holland, Olivia Figueroa, Allison Santo

    ​Munchkins: Jackson Harris, Gavin Harris, Sydney Harris, Gary Nichols, Maks Figueroa, Mia Ford, Brandon Fraser, Meghan Fraser, Isabella Holland, Frankie Simpson, Varsha Karthi, Akshara Karti, Emma Gomes, Lucas Gomes, Layla Garay, Jack Sudol, Isabella Martinez



    Dorothy: Emily Koscielniak

    Scarecrow: Emma Moeller

    ​Lion: Nicholas Ford

    ​Tin Man: Michael Pugliese

    ​Glinda: Allison Santo

    ​Wicked Witch: Gianna Pena


    Stage Crew

    Stage Crew Captain: Kyra Pinney

    ​Anthony Presto, George Kasper, Santino Ragusa, Jonathan Merino, Brandon Hernandez, Robbie Weigel, Matthew DeGennaro, Matthew Perez, James Greig, Marc Gilles, Dominick Miele, Jamie Castro, Veerraj Parmar, Ruth Rivera, Emilia Fassano, Kailyn Manzo, Mila Baez





    Rehearsal Schedule: Week of March 19th:

    ​Scenes:12, 13, 14, and 15 Blocking/Dance Rehearsal/Music Rehearsal


    Rehearsal Days:

    ​Tuesday, March 20th

    ​Wednesday, March 21st

    ​Thursday, March 22nd





    Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man, Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, Hunk, Zeke, Hickory Oz's Voice, Wicked Witch, Glinda, Nikko, Leader of the Winkie Guards, Emerald City Chorus, and All Munchkins attend this rehearsal.


    ***We will be "Off Book"/No Scripts beginning March 19th.***


    Attention All Cast & Crew!!!!!!

    ​We have opened up the ticket sales to the Cast & Crew at this time. ​This will give your families the opportunity to get their tickets in advance for the 3 performances. The Pre-Sale for Cast & Crew will end on March 14th. Tickets can still be purchased after that date!


    ​Playbill Ad forms have been sent out to all members of the Cast & Crew. All Ads are due NO LATER than March 31st!