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    Inner-City Scholarship Fund


    ASM PTO 2019-2020

    Contact information:

    ASM PTO Board Members

    President:                     Lisa DiDomenico;

    Vice President:             Lyla DeCastro Lawdanski;

    Secretary:                    Lisa Gioia-Manzo;

    Treasurer:                    Colleen-Mullaly-Santiago;

    ASM PTO Ancillary Members

    Class Parent Liaison:   Sandra Figueroa;

    Hospitality:                 Marta Bautista;

                                       Karen Nichols;


    Liaison - Sandra Figueroa

    Class Parents (2019-20)


    Pre-K3:   Jessica  Gojdycz

    Pre-K4:   Ellen  Appello

    Kindergarten:  Katarzyna Urbaniak,  Natalia McQuilla,  Karen Nichols

    Grade 1:   Ruth Prado, Jessica Desmond

    Grade 2:  Anjali Thanawala, Karyn Alessi

    Grade 3:   Crystal Burke,  Milton Figueroa

    Grade 4:   Stacey Swope

    Grade 5:   Elizabeth Martinez,  Nicole Holland,  

    Grade 6:   Karyn Alessi, Dina Ford

    Grade 7:  Marguerite Cronrath, Aida Boling, Adam Lawdanski

    Grade 8:   Colleen Mullaly-Santiago, Annette Ramos




    Protecting God's Children Course Certification 
    Required for parents/guardians that are interested in volunteering for any school events
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    3. Schedule your session at a convenient location