The Academy at Saint Mary
Rutherford, New Jersey
Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
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  Principal   Miss Ana Maria Castaneda
  Secretary   Mrs. Griszele Sbrocco"Mrs. G"
  PreK   Ms. Caitlin Miller
  PK Assistant   Mrs. Sue Baffuto    
  Kindergarten   Ms. Jennifer Maglione 

(Mrs. Baer:

  Grade 1   Mrs. Laura Sharkey
  Grade 2   Mrs. Kathleen Gullo
  Grade 3   Miss Kelly Oliveira
  Grade 4   Mrs. Mary Besterci
  Grade 5   Mrs. Natalie Rivieccio
  Grade 6   Mr. Robert Zaccone
  Grade 7   Ms. Irene Solleder
  Grade 8   Miss Elizabeth Harrington
  Library   Mrs. Deborah Cavallerano
  Art   Mrs. Jenny Cruz


  Miss Barbara Oliveira
For Yearbook:

  Tech Support   Mrs. Teresa Evans
  Music   Ms. Diedre Donovan
  Physical Education/Health   Mrs. Tara Gaeta
  Spanish   Mr. Jose Martinez    
  Nurse   Ms. Therese Zdanowicz